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One day in the Magical Kingdom of Hullabaloo, Mr Hullabaloo was holding a for all of his friends.

Everyone in the castle was very excited.

Jingles the Jester was going to .

Bobbin the Bear was going to .

Fairy Twinkle was going to .

Snarly the Dragon wanted to do a ... but he was shy.

Dotty the cook was in the castle kitchen baking a special cake for everyone to share.

What a busy day it was!

Soon the cake was ready. Dotty put it on the table to cool but Troubleena the naughty little witch and her black cat into the kitchen and ate the cake!

Naughty Troubleena, she really is a rascal!

"Oh no!" said Dotty, "I'll never have enough time to bake another one." "I will help you." Said a little voice. It was a little brown mouse. "I've always wanted to be a baker." He said. "Well quick quick!" said Dotty, "we haven't got much time."

Dotty gave the helpful mouse a little white hat and a little red neck scarf to wear. He helped her to bake another cake. They covered it with pink icing and dusted it with on top.

It was soon time for the talent show Mr Hullabaloo and Sir Dreamalot the Wizard would be the judges.

Jingles the Jester began to .

Bobbin the Bear began to .

Fairy Twinkle began to .

Snarly the dragon was shy and to hide!

Who would the winner be?

Just then Dotty arrived with the most cake.

Everyone wanted a piece of the beautiful tasty cake.

"I think Dotty the cook should be the winner." Everyone said.

"Well thank you." Said Dotty, "But I couldn't have made this cake without the help of a very special little mouse. This is my friend...what is your name little mouse?"

"I don't have one" the little mouse said.

"I think I'll call you ." Dotty said "for when we were baking some little rainbow sprinkles fell on your hat."

They are still there to this day so that's why we call him that.

Dotty and Sprinkles won the talent show!

Hip hip hooray.

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